Friday, August 21, 2009

2009 NFL Wins Over/Unders

Yep, it's that time of year again, when Vegas sports books release their NFL win total over/unders. Actually, "that time of year again" was apparently way back in May, as that's when the excellent vegaswatch blog released it. But since you can't learn anything about teams in May, why not wait until now? Exactly. The lines have changed slightly since May, so we'll go with a more recent version. My picks are in cap beside Vegas' win total over/under number. As always play along at home- and not for money, because that would be gambling, and gambling- in case you didn't know- is illegal...

Arizona Cardinals 8.5 wins, UNDER

Atlanta Falcons 8.5 OVER

Baltimore Ravens 8.5 UNDER

Buffalo Bills 7.5 UNDER

Carolina Panthers 8.5 UNDER

Chicago Bears 8.5 OVER

Cincinnati Bengals 6.5 OVER

Cleveland Browns 7 UNDER

Dallas Cowboys 9 OVER

Denver Broncos 7.5 UNDER

Detroit Lions 5 UNDER

Green Bay Packers 9 OVER

Houston Texans 8 UNDER

Indianapolis Colts 10 UNDER

Jacksonville Jaguars 8 OVER

Kansas City Chiefs 6 UNDER

Miami Dolphins 7 OVER

Minnesota Vikings 9 OVER

New England Patriots 11.5 UNDER

New Orleans Saints 8.5 OVER

New York Giants 10 OVER

New York Jets 7 UNDER

Oakland Raiders 5.5 UNDER

Philadelphia Eagles 9.5 UNDER

Pittsburgh Steelers 10.5 OVER

San Diego Chargers 9.5 OVER

San Francisco 49ers 7 UNDER

Seattle Seahawks 7.5 OVER

St Louis Rams 5.5 UNDER

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6.5 OVER

Tennessee Titans 9 OVER

Washington Redskins 8 UNDER

Ok now take your 10 best picks, and assign confidence points: the one you're MOST confident gets a 10, second most confident 9, etc all the way down to the one of your top 10 you're least confident about, which gets a one. Here's mine...

10. Seattle Seahawks 7.5 OVER
9. Washington Redskins 8 UNDER
8. San Diego Super Chargers 9.5 OVER
7. Cleveland Browns 7 UNDER
6. Arizona Cardinals 8.5 UNDER
5. Minnesota Vikings 9 OVER
4. Denver Broncos 7.5 UNDER
2. Jacksonville Jaguars 8 OVER
1. Atlanta Falcons 8.5 OVER


Anonymous said...

nothing about Favre! I was waiting to hear your comments. My brother (a loyal Packer fan) refers to Brett as his most hated player in the NFL and his old #4 jersey is up in smoke.


Jeff said...

Evan, I'm so sick of Favre I don't even want to waste a post on him. Summary of my feelings is that he makes the team better and is a better option than either Tavaris or Sage, but I am just so sick of Favre I can only think about it on game days. If Favre would have just been a man and said back in the winter "hey I'm going to Minnesota but I'm too old and too much of a prima donna to attend training camp, so I'll see y'all in August!" that would have been fine. Instead he drags it out for 8 months like he did last year. I want to shoot myself at the thought that he's going to do this again next year too.

Evan said... Viking hugging brother-in-law is ear to ear smiles lately. Should be an interesting season. And I have a feeling that a trip deep into the post-season will give Favre license to do it all again next summer.