Saturday, July 31, 2004

Jeff: A Whole New Ballgame...

Yes, the times they are a-changin in the basketball world. It was just 12 years ago when The Dream Team awed us on the biggest of stages in Barcelona. Players from all over the world seemed honored just to be on the same court with some of the legends of the game, from Michael, to Larry to Magic. And of course Christian Laettner (I'm STILL wondering how Laettner made that team instead of Shaq!!! Who cares if they already had Ewing and David Robinson?!??!). The US marched to glory and a gold medal, routing opponents with an AVERAGE margin of victory of 44 points. (Read that again. Let it sink in. 44 bloody points. Still amazing).

There was only one Dream Team, despite the fact the media continuted to call USA's international teams "Dream Teams" for years after. Reality has sunk in this year. All but 3 of the original 9 guys that were slated to play this summer have stayed on. And that's not to mention a host of other invitees that turned down the chance to play for their country. No Shaq, no Kobe (just imagine all the 19 year old girls he could have met in Greece--sorry), no KG or McGrady or Jason Kidd or even old guys who got invited and had no business being there like Karl Malone. All decided to stay home. The remaining group are eager, intense, and hungry to prove USA basketball is still the best. Yet they're also young, inexperienced (the current roster collectively has a grand total of ZERO games played in Olympic competition), undersized and lacking any real outside shooting threat. There's a world of potential on display, but against the old vets of such teams as Argentina and Lithuania, will it be enough for even a bronze?

A Dream Team? Hardly, but I'm still excited to see the league's three best young talents, the future pillars of the league, on display. Lebron, Melo and Dwayne Wade (who desparately needs a nickname. "Dwayne" sounds like that uncle nobody wants to talk about, and Wade sounds like a duck). All 3 made a splash last year in the pool of NBA legend, and those ripples appear to be just the beginning. What better stage for these 3 than the Olympics? If Coach Brown gives them enough time together, people will be talking about their coming-out party and Commissioner Stern will be wringing his hands with glee.

Yes, they're not the Dream Team, but the future is still very bright for USA Basketball, even if that means the US comes home with something other than gold this summer.

Jeremy: Spabbling

Sometimes I just don't have enough to say about one sports subject, therefore not enough to post a blog. Sometimes I have a little bit to say about a few different sports subjects. This is the advent of Spabbling... sports babbling. When I need to spabble, I will simply spabble on about a few sports subjects, thereby having enough to fill a blog.
Here goes...
*Ricky Williams. I've been going back and forth on his decision to retire. At first I was thinking that's his decision, and good for him for getting out before he became really miserable. Then I changed my tune, getting mad because he ditched his teammates way too late in the process. His comments have since made up my mind for me. Williams recently said: "I didn't quit football because I failed a drug test, I failed a drug test because I was ready to quit football." Good one Ricky. On that note, recently I didn't eat the Twinkie because I had just smoked some geef, I smoked some geef because I was ready to eat a Twinkie. Now people are trying to compare Ricky retiring early to Barry Sanders retiring early. I can't even talk about this.
*Vikings sign Brock Lesner. Let's get one thing strait here: Brock Lesner has "an NFL body." Does this mean he should be playing in the NFL? I'm not sure. The Wikes worked him out twice and were apparently impressed with him to the point that they had to sign him. Let me point out here that Lesner didn't get a second work-out with any other NFL team. I hope that Brock goes from being "The Next Big Thing" of the WWE to being the next big thing on the Vikings. I really really do hope that he succeeds. That reminds me, after a certain amount of success would Brock have gone from being "The Next Big Thing" to just being "The Big Thing"? And would anybody really want to be called that?
*At this point in his career I think that George Foreman has a better shot at a comeback in boxing than Mike Tyson. Note to Mike: you don't have many brain cells to spare, boxing isn't the way to pay off your creditors. If you need money, practice writing your name. Also, watch that back. SPINAL!!!
*Gophers ranked 23rd in pre-season coaches poll. I shouldn't even be talking about this. It's only a pre-season draft. But my Minnesota sports rubedom always has me optomistic about my Gophs, now the national guys are optimistic about them too? Okay, at least 3 teams in the Big Ten are better than them. But no team has a more favorable schedule. We don't have to play Ohio State and we get Iowa at home. I still think Mason is a little suspect as head coach of this team, but, and don't tell anyone this, I'm starting to believe him when he says this is a good team. Damn my infernal optimism!!! I did the same thing last year and I ended absolutely berating Coach Mason and the Gophers in countless emails to my friends and family. When will I learn?

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Jeremy: It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

I'm willing to admit it.  I'm willing to admit that streaking is a bad idea.  It's mostly illegal.  It can be embarrassing.  It's probably punishable by flogging in several countries.  But let's be honest here, if you are a heterosexual guy, there really isn't anything quite as exhilarating as seeing the faces of your friends when they get a glimpse of your bare white buttocks.  Streaking is sort of like eating Mexican food: it always seems like a good idea right up until the point that you finish up.  It's at that point you realize what you've just done, and no matter how much you enjoyed it, now that it's over, you will have to deal with the consequences.  The difference between streaking and eating Mexican food?  Streaking provides for a better story to tell.  Having said that, I will keep the story to myself.
So say that you are the Lakers and because you are the Lakers, it's a party.  Everything seems to be going along as normal when somebody yells "WE'RE GETTING RID OF SHAQ!!!!"  ("WE'RE GOIN' STREAKING!!!").  Suddenly everyone is laughing, screaming, having a great time.  I mean, we've had Shaq (clothes on) all this time, there's no need for him (these clothes) anymore, it's time to shake things up, lose Shaq (our clothes), and really get this team (party) going.  Great idea!!!  So everyone is running around, elated at the idea of not having Shaq (clothes on) anymore.  There's laughter, rejoicing, people are cheering, clanking glasses, enjoying the suddenly Shaqless (clothesless) team (evening).  I mean, really, what's the big deal.  We don't have Shaq (clothes on) anymore, but we've still got Kobe(beer) left.  All we have to do is give the team over to Kobe (drink more beer) and we'll continue to have a great team (night). 
So the Lake Show (the party) continues without Shaq (clothes) but plenty of Kobe (beer).  Everyone thinks that this is going to be a great arrangement for the team (party).  But nobody really took the time to realize how important Shaq (clothes) really were to the success of the team (party).  What nobody seemed to realize was that had Shaq (having clothes on) covered up a lot of problems on the team (a lot of ugly naked bodies).  Nobody understood that with Shaq around (clothes on) everybody was (looked) better, but as soon as Shaq (the clothes) was gone, all the Lakers (party) had left was Kobe (beer), and nobody (everybody) looks better when Kobe (beer) is in charge. 
Okay, so the analogy breaks down a little bit at the end.  But you get the idea.  The point is it seemed like a good idea to treat the Diesel like garbage and get rid of him, but it's going to bite the Lakers in the butt (naked or otherwise).  Nevermind the fact that Shaq has now guaranteed a championship in Miami, the Lakers are just flat out a worse team than the were with Shaq.  I know that I've said that given the circumstances the Lakers got the best deal that they could for Shaq, and I still stand by that, but that doesn't change the fact that they destroyed any shot they will have at a ring in the near future.  No matter how much you think getting rid of your clothes (Shaq) will make the party (your team)better, you will without question regret it in the morning(next year).

Monday, July 19, 2004

Jeff: My cheap shot of the week...

After Carlos Boozer stabbed the Cleveland Cavaliers in the back by signing with Utah, he left the team with a gaping hole at the 4 spot. Apparently the Cavaliers are now interested in signing troubled free-agent forward Vin Baker, who of course had his last contract with the Knicks terminated because he reverted back to his alcoholic ways.
Looks like the Cavs are replacing one Boozer with another. (Thank you, I'll be here all week.)
On another subject, I'm reaffirming my ties with the Seattle Sonics. I loved the Sonics growing up, but since moving stateside, well I couldn't help but fall in love with Kevin Garnett, and the Sonics have just gotten worse and worse, making them tougher and tougher to follow because they are never on TV. They've never been in worse shape than they are heading into this season (Seattle and the Warriors are the only teams in the West with absolutely no shot of making the playoffs-if they were in the East, of course, they'd be the 4 and 5 seeds), but I just feel like I need to reaffirm my feelings for the Sonics. Also, this will have no affect on me cheering for Garnett and the Wolves as a conflict of interest, because of course the Wolves will be in the playoffs and the SOnics won't. I will now assume the position as TheJer tees off on me about my lack of loyalties to home-town teams and how he doesn't get a choice in who he cheers for etc. 
For the record, in Canada we are cheering vagabonds. We have ONE team we really have to cheer for (our NHL team), and other than that, it's wide open. I have, and always will, refuse to cheer for anything out of Toronto just because they're "the Canadian team". The media bias in Canada coming out of Ontario is so much worse than the East Coast bias in the States I'm not even sure it's scalable. For this reason I hate Toronto and all their teams (I of course exclude this hatred when it comes to hockey players on Team Canada from Ontario for things like the upcoming World Cup of Hockey--which by the way, Canada is going to dominate). 
It started for me with the U of Michigan when I was very young thanks to my cousin Kristy who went to school near there. I got the Vikings because of Anthony Carter (and in part because he was from Michigan). As bad as the Mariners are and will be, I have loved them since Griff was a rook (I would take him back in a heartbeat by the way) and always will (and since the M's wont win the World Series this year I would love to see the Cubbies win it). What other sports am I forgetting here? Oh right, the WNBA...wait that's not a sport. Oh, yes I did hop the Gonzaga bandwagon and I don't feel one bit bad about it. Not one. So there.

Jeremy: Thank you Martha Stewart

Not sure if you saw this one or not, but recently, after Martha Stewart was sentenced to prison, she made the world aware of the similarities between her impending imprisonment and that of Nelson Mandella.  Apparently insider trading is now thought of on the same level as apartheid.  We may have never been privy to this metaphor without the wise words of Ms. Stewart.  Thank you Martha for putting everything into perspective.  So remember kids, the next time you decide to speak out against a statewide policy of racism, be sure that you didn't hear about it from your stock broker.
Talking about these points that Martha has so aptly brought to the forefront of our societal mind really puts things into perspective for me.  It really reminds me what is most important in life... VIKINGS TRAINING CAMP OPENS IN 12 DAYS!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Jeff: On second thought...

Ok so a slight retraction on my earlier statements about Shaq: I still think the Pacers and Pistons are better than the Heat. I STILL think Shaq will miss at least 10 games due to injury. I am no longer doubting the man's motivation, however. Did you see his 17-part Sportscenter interview (who was the girl interviewing him by the way? I'm probably the only person disturbed by the growing trend of putting pretty girls with zero sports knowledge in the national sports media-and yes it's because I want their job. And yes I want to be pretty...what?)? The man was quietly, calmly brooding. It was like somebody just robbed him blind, beat him to within an inch of his life and then questioned his manhood. The Sports Guy is pure genuis since he pointed out a couple of days ago that Shaq is out for vengence. Until I saw the Sportscenter interview I didn't believe it. I do now. There's no other word for it. Vengence. (does anybody know how to spell it? Shaq's out for it but I'm pretty sure I'm spelling it wrong). Most people would have blown their top, made a scene, and probably gotten arrested in the process. 
Not Shaq. He wants revenge. And he's going to be patient and wait for it. He's got his targets circled and he's preparing. Shaq reminds me of THe Punisher (a movie where a LOT of people get punished). Is it just a coincedence The Punisher takes place in south Florida? And that Shaq now lives in South Florida? I think this will be all we see of him until training camp. I don't even think he buys a mansion. I think he gets a room in some old warehouse. In that time he will have gotten himself a lot of black t-shirts with skulls on them, boarded up the windows, befriended two outcast kids that live down the hall from him, seem totally uninterested in Rebecca Romjin-REALLY really hot-Stamos, and will have lowered his voice about 12 octaves. He will be in the best shape of his career, and may or not "trick" out one of his vehicles with metal windows and bulletproof siding that he COULD use to run the Lakers bus off the road when they come to play the Heat. Not that he would but the option's there.
He says he has a list. A hit list. A list of people that has wronged him. I believe him. I am glad God has spared me from that list. I am glad Shaq doesn't know this website exists (like seemingly everybody else except myself and Jer). He is no longer the Diesel, ShaqFU or Kazaam. He is The Punisher. And make no mistake, people WILL be punished--but he's still on the 3rd best team in the East.  

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Jeremy: I Will Argue This Point Further

Does it seem like Jeff and I are talking about Shaq a lot? Really? I didn't notice. But seriously, this guy is the single most dominant player in the NBA, he changes how other teams play defense and offense, he causes trades just because teams have to play him four times a year, and he hasn't played with even an ounce of fire in at least 2 years. Are we really not going to talk about him this much?
So the trade we've been talking about for days is finally done. The exact players were involved that were rumored. Jeff and I have been convinced that this was bad for the Heat if anyone. I've just spent 45 minutes reading different articles online about this trade (please don't tell my boss). The national sports writers don't agree with us. They all think this is bad for the Lakers. I'm here to defend myself.
Following the Finals, the bottom line for the Lakers was that Shaq was gone. There was no doubt about this. The next question for them was what was going to happen with the Ego. But here's the deal: when you lose the most dominant player in the game, you are automatically in a rebuilding mode, no matter who else is on your team. With or without Kobe the entire landscape of your team is going to change because the Diesel is out the door. At this point your job is to decide on the best way to rebuild your team. You can go out and get veteran guys... but you already are probably keeping the Mailman and the Glove. You can work on free-agency... but the biggest free agent available is already in your stable, so your priority is already to lock him up. Because you need to keep that enormous amount of money open for the Ego, you can't really pursue any other free agents. Knowing that the Daddy is going, the obvious answer is to find a big man... but that's been the answer to every question in the league for the last 5 years and as long as Shaq is around the answer is irrelavent. The best option left? Find some young talent to put around Kobe. Which team had the best young charismatic (charisma is a huge factor for the Lakers, is it not?) talent in the league last year? (Don't even bother with mentioning Lebron or 'Melo in this discussion... the Lake Show would have a better chance of luring the Pope in free agency.) The Miami Heat. And what do you know? Shaq is actually willing to play in Miami.
My point is this: Yes, the Lakers may regret that they couldn't keep Shaq, but the bottom line is just that... they couldn't. With all of the other factors in place, (nobody knows what's going on in Kobe's head, Dallas was out of the race the minute Nash went to Miami, Shaq need to go to another big time city) Miami was the best option for Shaq and it was the best trade for the Lakers.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Jeff: Shaqing Up...

So here's my 2 cents on the Shaq trade that seems all but inevitable at this point. Bravo. Thank you Lakers. Thank you Shaq. Thank you to the Ego that is Pat Riley. Thank you for shifting the balance of power, if only slightly, back to the East. Granted, the West still is light years better--but the league's most dominant player (when he wants to be, which is usually only in the playoffs) is out of the conference. And this is a VERY good thing.

I know I know I know--the Pistons won the title. As TheJer so elloquently pointed out--it's the 1st time in about forever that the team with the best player hasn't won. Chauncey Billups (thanks again to Kevin McHale for not keeping him around. Couldn't have used him at all in Minny)winning MVP proved that. but this does not mean the East is no on-par with the West. I don't see this whole teammwork thing working much longer though for the Pistons. Rasheed got his title--and he's about to get paid big-time, which means Rasheed will be fading into, as Mike Tyson put it "bolivion" at any moment here.

Wait, this was supposed to be about Shaq, wasn't it? Sorry, I just don't get to write about the NBA often enough so like 90 million ideas start coming out here. (focus...focus...focus) I do not think this is a great trade for the Heat. Shaq, Dwayne Wade (who has to be the happiest player on the planet at this point), and 3 plastic people they pull out of the stands in Miami are STILL not better than Indy, Detroit or even New Jersey (only IF they get K-Mart back). So they're 4th, which is right where they were last year. Yup you have Shaq, who hasn't come to play in a regular season game since... well it'll come to me eventually. But it's been a LONG time since Shaq has cared about more than one regular season game at a time. And before you start saying how motivated Shaq will be after all the off-season turmoil and an NBA playoffs where Kobe wouldn't pass him the ball, remember who we're talking about here: this is Shaquille O'Neal.

This is a man who SHOULD have been the best player of all time. No I'm not kidding. THE best ever. Should have been. But he didn't really care. Never really has. The rapping, the "acting" (a term I use for him as loosely as Gary Payton was playing D last year), the fact that after more than 10 years in the league he STILL can't shoot a free throw. The man is content dominating when he wants to, of loafing through the regular season, dominating when it's there, and then turing it up for the post-season. I don't blame him for the Lakers losing to the Pistons. Shaq was unstoppable--as long as Kobe would pass him the ball.

So that shouldn't be a problem in Miami, right? No, it shouldn't. But Shaq SHOULD average 30 and 20. AT LEAST. Yet he's nowhere close. He'll get the ball all he wants, but he's moving to South Beach, which has to be the #2 most alluring place in the country besides Vegas. How long till Shaq gets more involved with the pretty plastic people than he does with the game? That is unless the Heat can get him in that titanium box they put Lamar Odom in all last year when he wasn't on the court. Seriously, Odom couldn't stay out of trouble in Boise, Idaho. How in the world did he stay trouble-free in a place like Miami? Somebody needs to look into this.

My point to all this rambling is that for Miami to be the best team in the East Shaq has to be dominate for 82 games. This of course is a problem considering he hasn't played 82 games in a season in about 7 or 8 years. If K-Mart doesn't come back to the Nets, which looks like a distinct possibility at this point, then the Heat are the best team in the Atlantic by default. IF K-Mart doesn't come back, they'll be the only team that will finish about .500. Yes, it's that's bad.

As for the Lakers, they're now the 6th best team in the West. 6th. And they don't have Shaq to fall back on when the playoffs come around. This trade isn't anywhere near as good as the one they could have gotten from Dallas, but it does get him out of the conference, and for all of us basketball fans, that's a VERY good thing.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Jeremy: Miami Mortgages the Farm

Okay, forget the Brian Grant part of the equation. He had about 2 good seasons over his career, he's getting up in age, and beside all that, if anyone could ever get to him and cut that hair, he'd be all but washed up.
Caron Butler and Lamar Odom for Shaq. That's the (proposed) deal. If the Lakers are looking to rebuild, it's a great deal for them, especially if Ego, I mean Kobe, sticks around. If the Heat are looking to win now, it's good for them too... at least on the surface. It automatically makes the East look tougher and it makes the West look much more wide open. Dare I say that it's a good thing for everyone involved?
Off the record Jeff has said that if he was Miami, he wouldn't do it. And I have to agree that the only part of the deal that seems a little suspect to me is not so much what Miami is getting (because who wouldn't want Shaq?) but what they are giving up. The thing that took Miami further than anyone gave them a shot to go last year was how they came together as a young team who just loved playing together and wanted to win together. Butler and Odom were a huge part of that, but now it's gone. So does adding Shaq make up for the loss of chemistry of a bunch of young guys? I don't know, why don't we ask last year's Lakers? True, they didn't win the championship, but they got there, and there was not a drip of chemistry on that team. The team with the best player in the league is always going to win the championship or be right there at the end. Go ahead, look at the last 20 years of NBA basketball. Lakers, Celtics, Pistons, Bulls, Rockets, Spurs and the Lakers again. Magic (or Kareem), Bird, Isiah, MJ, the Dream, Duncan & Shaq. In fact, I would contend the only team to win an NBA title in the last 20 years that didn't have the best player in the league on their team? The 03-04 Pistons, and the reason they did it was because their defense was so unbelievably dominating that it was better than any one player.
My point is this, as long as Shaq is in the league and mildly healthy, he is the best player in the league. Yes, the Pistons proved that unreal defense could shut him down, but only one team in the league can play that kind of defense right now, and even they played over their heads in the finals.
I do think that Miami can be questioned for making this deal, but you best believe that they would be questioned more if they didn't.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Jeff: When Jer and I rule the world...

Ok first of all, did you see Will Ferrell on Conan O'Brien? My goodness gracious. The whole bit about calling his kid "Magnus" was sheer hilarity.
"I AM MAGNUS! I am the Breath of Man! I may be a baby, but I have Man's Breath!!"
Anyways, if you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, well keep in mind I live in NOrth Dakota. That will probably be a recurring theme with me--always, ALWAYS, remember that I live in North Dakota. If all other reason fails, that alone should explain what ends up getting posted on here.

When Jer and I take over the world, many things will change, and of course all will be for the better. Here are just two of the things that NEED to happen that will finally happen (in no order of importance, by the way):

--David Stern and the NBA will no longer be allowed to support the WNBA with cash flow. The WNBA teams will be on their own. Being somebody who believes in gender equity, and equal rights, I figure hey, if the WNBA is indeed as good as the NBA (which the commercials and endless media EPSN forces down our throats more than suggests)then they shouldn't have to be kept afloat by MEN. So they're on their own. And, of course, like that women's soccer league that went belly-up after half a season (nobody cares about men's soccer here-WHAT THE HELL MADE THEM THINK ANYBODY WOULD WANT TO WATCH WOMEN"S SOCCER?!?!?!), the WNBA would flame out in no time, and the blame would fall on the American public and corporations for being sexist and not supporting the league.

Fine with me. Just because we watch men's sports does NOT mean we have to watch women's sports. We don't. Ladies, play all you want, start as many leagues and teams as you can, and good luck to you. Have fun. But we, as sports fans, and as men, are not obligated to watch and give you money and support you!!

--I am taking over the NHL. Upon taking over, every team in a warm weather climate (except Dallas, because I'm afraid of Texas) and the LA Kings (because they have supported that team since the '70's) will be canned. Immediately. Oh, except Phoenix will be sent back to Winnipeg and Carolina will give its team back to Hartford. The owners of the teams who got canned, from places like Florda, Atlanta, Nashville, and ESPECIALLY the fine people at Disney who named a team the Mighty F*&^ing Ducks, will flip the bill for new arenas in Hartford and Winnipeg. The rest of their money (if there's any left over) will go to teams in Western Canada. This is their pennance for screwing up a perfectly good game by trying to sell it to people who didn't want it. How this happened and how to fix it is a whole nother blog topic completely (and not to worry, I will find time to write that one), but trust me, when I take over the NHL the number of teams will drop, the talent-level will go back up, and penalties will actually be called. And goalies will no longer be allowed to wear sumo suits.

Jeremy: The Agency that is Freedom

This NBA offseason has turned out to be unreal, and it shows no signs of letting up. Already Stevie "the Canuck" Nash and Tracy "I'm on my way to being Vince Carter" McGrady have changed teams. The rich get richer, as both guys go to Western Conference teams. Is it just me or has the East totally thrown in the towel? I know the Pistons won it all this year, but despite that, you cannot tell me that the Eastern Conference is as competitive as the West. And with this round of free agency only heating up now, it doesn't show any signs of balancing.
Everyone thinks Kobe is going to stick in L.A., but in typical Kobe-esque fashion, he is talking to several different teams, obviously working to raise his stock with his current team so they will pay him the most amount of money. This is ludicrous (the adjective, not the rapper). He's already going to get an obscene amount of money. Although, I imagine the idea of playing with a number 2 guy behind him like 'Melo has got to be right up his alley. Make no mistake, the Nugs are 'Melo's team... unless Kobe shows up.
With or without Kobe, the Nuggets are working the agency. They are also working on getting K-Mart from the Nets, (speaking of the Nets, are they morphing back into Clippers East again?) and just spent too much money for too much time on Marcus Camby.
The Suns decided to bring Nash back home to where is career began. I still have a tough time believing that this guy is one of the top PG's in the league, but every year he proves me wrong on some level. He dropped off a bit last season, but he's still a solid player. It looks like Quentin Richardson might join him and suddenly the Suns, who had a talented but young team last year, look a little older and mighty scary. If you are an aging Kings or a rebuilding Lakers you might want to watch your back.
It will be interesting to see what happens with Ra-weed Wallace, who won a ring in Detroit this year, but is testing the market. It looks like he's most likely to stay in the East, which is good news for everyone who thinks it's time for the JV squad to step it up a bit.
I just don't understand the East. I don't see any teams in the East working to make any big moves, except to dump some salary. It's like they've already decided that as long as Shaq is in the West they aren't going to bother.
And don't even get me started on what is going to happen with Shaq... it scares the Cheech right out of my Chong.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Jeremy: A foray into the public world of sports writing...

We've been talking about having our own television or radio sports talk show for years. It appears that we will have to settle for the world wide web. Not a bad place to settle for I guess. The people of the internet will be subject to our strong and hilarious takes on sports, and we'll be subject to their ridicule because of it.
Here is a list of things you are likely to find on this site over time...
-lots of Minnesota sports talk
-a fair amount of Canadian and Seattle sports talk (Jeff)
-some music talk
-strong opinions on athletes and how they perform
-strong opinions about who we hate and why we hate them
-some takes on life in general
-lots of rambling
-lots of Sports Guy references
-tomfoolery and scullduggery

You in for the ride Jeffey?